Hunter Cataract and Eye Centre is dedicated to providing premium eye care. Patients are seen in a timely fashion, so that eye disease is treated quickly and effectively.

Only the most modern standards of care and equipment are utillised to optimize eye care outcomes. HCEC has a history proven quality of service, with the best results always in mind.

Eye Care

HCEC is a comprehensive eye clinic focused on providing premium quality eye care. There is no condition that we will not assess and treat appropriately. 


Children have specific eye care needs, and development of the visual system is important in the very young.


At HCEC we use only the most up to date equipment for optimal patient outcomes. Sutureless Small incision surgery is the norm. We utilise torsional ultrasound for the safest results and only implant tailored premium intraocular lens. Learn more

Lens Based Refractive Surgery

For those patients who cannot undergo laser vision correction, lens based solutions can be an option. Essentially cataract surgery is utilised to correct vision with a tailored intra ocular lens. This enables true distance AND near correction for candidates who are appropriate. Learn more


We have Fellowship trained glaucoma surgeons who are dedicated to controlling eye pressure and preventing vision loss. This is critically important to those people finding themselves in the most difficult of circumstances. Learn more


At HCEC our consulting eye surgeons are involved in Oculoplastic surgery. This entails the correction of lid malpositions, removal of redundant skin folds around the eyelids and the efficient treatment of periocular tumours. All surgery is performed with an ideal cosmetic result in mind. Learn more

Pterygium Removal

Pterygium is almost universal in Australia, and at HCEC our surgeons are very experienced with their removal. Removal is performed in a stress free environment, under local anaesthetic, with the use of either sutures or Glue. Learn more

Macular Disease

Macular Degeneration is the slow destruction of the central part of the retina. No one knows the exact cause but there is a much higher risk in those with a family history, poor diet and cardiovascular disease. Learn more

Neuro Ophthalmology

Neuro ophthalmology is the cross over between eye and brain disease. Although often regarded in isolation, the eye is an extension of the brain and the two, not surprisingly, interact. Learn more