We like to look after our eyes as well as we can, and for us only the best equipment to help us will do. We have a range of state of the art devices to aid us in your eye care.


Optical Coherence Tomography has become the standard of care for visualising the macula and the optic nerve.

This instruments allows us to take high resolution images to enhance our ability to detect disease, and aid with both diagnosis and monitoring. With this device we can see down to a micron level changes that are occuring, and be able to tailor treatment at an earlier stage than was previously possible, before conditions such as glaucoma and AMD take vision away.


Visante OCT takes high resolution images of the structures at the front of the eye. It enhances ones ability to identify patients at risk of angle closure glaucoma, and to monitor their response to therapy accurately.

IOL Master 700

The IOL Master 700 is the latest release of the world’s most popular eye measuring device which allows us to select accurately an artificial lens required for your eye during cataract surgery.  The latest version has a very fast no touch technique with extremely high quality, accurate results.  We pride ourselves in utilising the latest of equipment so that your surgical outcomes meet your expectations.


The Verion is the latest release of intra operative surgical alignment equipment which provides a heads up display for the surgeon so that the artificial lenses can be accurately aligned inside one’s eye.  This is particularly important in those who have astigmatism and have a specially designed lens to help correct their focus error.  The accurate placement of the lens will heavily influence one’s focus error outcome.  The Verion is the latest of techniques in the regard, and it helps us match your outcome to your expectations.


iTrace technologyis a very high tech piece of equipment that accurately measures one’s eye from front to back to identify subtle changes with the way light passes into your eye, and helps us determine the suitability of your eye for various types of artificial lenses, in particular whether one can tolerate a multifocal artificial lens or not.  The iTrace technology is used in very few practices around Australia and we are very proud to be one of the practices who use this highly powerful technology.Once again, we utilise this equipment to help achieve outcomes that meet your expectations from a visual point of view when undergoing cataract surgery.


The Atlas is a corneal topographer. It takes images of the front surface of the eye to determine how much astigmatism is present. This is important when it comes to cataract surgery as untreated astigmatism can lead to poor visual results. We use the atlas to enhance and improve surgical results.

The atlas can also be used to determine suitability for laser vision correction, and monitor keratoconus (Warped Cornea).

Fundus Camera

The fundus camera is a digital high resolution device to capture images of the eye. It enables us to document the current status of the eye, and allows accurate comparison over time if change is believed to have occurred.

The camera is also used for angiography, to diagnose Macula diseases and monitor response to treatment.

Operating Theatre

On site we have a fully equipped operating theatre. Minor procedures can be performed such as lesion removal and eyelid surgery to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital, and overlong waiting lists.