About Our Practice

Hunter Cataract and Eye Centre is a world class facility dedicated to providing Eye services for any patient in Newcastle, the Hunter and further afield. Our major focus is Cataract and Glaucoma surgery, however, we do provide comprehensive eye services including Pterygium surgery, Retinal disease, Macular Degeneration, paediatrics and general eye conditions.

Our cataract services range from straightforward vision restoration for those who are losing sight from cataract, to advanced techniques of laser assisted surgery, multifocal lens implantation, and lens replacement surgery for those seeking spectacle independence.

Glaucoma treatments available at HCEC include expert diagnosis with the latest in imaging techniques and analysis, professional monitoring and all surgical options are available, as appropriate. Dr Manning, a fellowship trained Glaucoma expert, implanted the first official iStent microglaucoma stent in Australia in 2014 and continues to do so with effect.

Although HCEC is a private facility, we welcome public patients and do have access to the public waiting list system.

Hunter Cataract & Eye Centre is the latest evolution of a longstanding Newcastle based Eye Clinic.

Our Eye Clinic was first established in 1915 by Dr Hugh Allen and was the first specialist eye clinic of its kind outside of Macquarie St, Sydney. The clinic was then passed on to Dr Sep Owen OAM, a well known and respected Eye Surgeon in the Newcastle region. Dr Robert Henderson ran the clinic from the mid 1980s, until taken over by Dr David Manning in 2007.

Dr Manning upgraded the clinic into Denison Street Eye Surgeons and now into its most recent phase Hunter Cataract & Eye Centre in 2013. The small clinic has now moved to the bustling centre of Charlestown to provide excellent amenity, excellent access and a more centralised location for the Hunter region.

Although the practice has grown our service remains the same.

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