Patient Information

What to expect at your appointment

We strive to provide service with excellence whilst maintaining a happy and relaxed atmosphere. We hope to make your visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible. All our patients are important to us, therefore, in order for us to help you we will need your patience and understanding.

You will first be screened by our Orthopist or Ophthalmic Assistant who will also perform any diagnostic testing that may be required.

Please allow between 1.5 – 2 hours for your visit. This time may vary depending on your problem and the tests required on the day.

Dilating Drops:
Drops may be placed in your eyes that will dilate the pupils in order for our specialists to view the back of your eyes. Once the drops are administered your vision may be blurred for a few hours which will make it unsafe to drive. We strongly recommend that you are accompanied by someone who will be able to take you home safely. If this is not possible, you should try and make alternative transport arrangements. We also advise you bring along sunglasses to make you more comfortable after the drops, to reduce the increased glare. Road Traffic Authority (RTA) rules state no driving for a minimum of 3 hours following dilation.


What to bring

Referral Letter: Please remember to bring your referral letter if you have one provided by your doctor/specialist or optometrist. This is important for our specialists to be informed of your eye requirements. It also allows you to claim back the appropriate rebate from Medicare.

New Patient Questionnaire: To save time on arrival we request you complete our Patient Information Sheet prior to your visit to ensure we have the relevant information on you. DO NOT FORGET to bring this with you on your visit. Download our questionnaire: Patient Information Form

Eye Drops / Medication: Please bring along a list of eye drops and any other medication that you are currently using. You may note these on the  back of the Patient Information Sheet if you wish.

Spectacles: Please bring all your current glasses with you, even if your consultation is not necessarily about your vision.

Driver: We ask that you have a friend or family member drive you to and from your appointment.


Consultation Fees

WE DO NOT GIVE ACCOUNTS. Full payment of your account is expected on the day of consultation. We accept cash, cheque, credit card (Visa or Mastercard) and EFTPOS. If you are unable to meet our fee expectations, please contact our surgery prior to your appointment to discuss payment options.


We look forward to your visit and if you have any enquiries please contact our office.